Life is Beautiful

Hello Blogging fam!

I’ve missed you, and I vow to do a better job at being a more involved blogger.

What I want to tell you requires some sort of prologue, so bear with me.

Roger, my handsome, wonderful man, moved to Atlanta just over a year ago in mid-April 2014 in order to be with me so we could start our lives together as one. We didn’t get married until September 2014, but it was always important to me that we live in the same city before getting married.

(Roger’s Texas crew)

Roger, that same handsome, wonderful man, gave up a lot to be with me.  There’s no way to sugar-coat this, or spin it in any other way.  He gave up his job, apartment, and a tight-knit team in Texas to move to the Big Peach (Atlanta). And I’m forever grateful for his sacrifice. But it has been a sacrifice for sure!

Since Roger started working in Atlanta, he’s had a rough go at it.  I won’t go into all the details, but two jobs later, an hour long commute to work, and some less than ideal work teams, we are ready to find a city that is for both of us.  A new start together, instead of trying to fit Roger in to my old life.

(What I looked like when I moved to Atlanta)

I have lived and worked in Atlanta since February 2010.  I left my home in lush Southwest, Florida for a job in the “big” city.  And it’s been a great city for me.  I’ve met a lot of people who have changed my life forever, and have had some wonderful roomies I’m proud to call my best friends.  But it was my city, at best, and even then didn’t necessarily feel like home once Roger moved to town.

With Roger’s jobs (both of them), it was hard for him to take time off to see family. And being a new wife, that meant it was hard to see my family as well…because I wasn’t gonna leave him hanging while I went galavanting around the US with all of OUR money.  Ya feel me?

Also, our beautiful little home (pictured above) is quite the trek from where I work.  And anyone who knows Atlanta traffic, knows the struggle is real!


Family is where our heart is. I’m not sure if this is a recent development as a young married couple, but being near one of our families just means the world to us.

I love my family, but it makes more sense to be near his in Texas.  He’s got a beautiful niece and nephew who are growing up faster than what we can keep up with.  We’ve been missing birthday parties and big events in their lives.  So, we’d like to be closer to them at the end of the day.

We started praying for this back in February…to be nearer to family.  And God came through in a big way.  A God-sized way.

Roger and I were both offered jobs at the same company and city in Texas.  And not only jobs…but a place to live and a car to drive.  I don’t know if I’ve fully explained Roger’s car, but we call it the green booger for a reason.  As you may remember reading, we’ve been saving for a truck. Well guess what? The same exact truck we’ve been saving for (a Toyota Tundra), is the “car” that we will be driving in our new city. What?!?! God got it right down to the truck?!

So needless to say, this is not only an answer to prayer, but allows us to find a city with a slower pace (which I feel I desperately need), gets us closer to Roger’s sis and her family (only 1 hour and 45 minute drive), gets us a more reliable second car (the truck to replace Roger’s car), and give us both jobs so that we feel will use our individual talents.  It’s literally a dream coming true in many ways.

I’m not naive enough to believe that a new city won’t come with it’s own trials and tribulations.  I’m giving up my entire support system, after all.  But I do believe it will allow us to have “our”city, where we both can grow and flourish as a couple and as individuals.  I don’t think this new city has everything I need.  No city does.  For that, I’ve got to rely on God. And that’s a good place to be.  A place where I have to rely more on Him, than what I’m familiar or comfortable with.

If any of you guys are praying folk, please lift Roger and I up in prayer! If everything continues on the path we’ve been planning for, we will be moving in JUNE!!!! That’s next month!!!! WHAT?!? Literally crazy.

Thanks for taking the time to read today! Life is a beautiful, crazy thing full of incredible surprises and I’m glad to be experiencing it with my sweet, sweet man of mine!

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6 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful

  1. Okay…so obviously I’m WAY behind but this is so exciting! Isn’t it amazing how God answers prayers? What an amazing opportunity for y’all! You are so brave to even have moved from your family to Atlanta and even braver to take this step with Roger. I can’t wait to hear all about the new city!

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