About Me



{LG} My [not so] new initials, and that’s awesome.  I’ll take it as my own personal mantra: Life’s Good.  I started this blog as an outlet to share my slice of life–from DIY projects, to my walk with God, to the lessons I’m learning as a new wife. But then…life. So I took a break and now I’m blogging when I want to about whatever I want.

I got married in September 2014 to the handsome love-of-my-life, Rojelio…but you can call him Roger.  We started our married life in Atlanta, but moved in June 2015 to East Texas (Tyler, to be exact).  My husband works for our church and I’m a public relations professional.

Roger_whoimis{On my husband}  He’s my sweet, short Mexican man from Texas.  We met in June 2013 at a conference, and were engaged by March 2014.  What I love most about him (and trust me, I love many things) is his love for God, people, and me.  That last one may be selfish, but you guys…he treats me like a queen! He can saaaang, and plays like every instrument.

lindsey_whoimis{On me} I’m a SW Florida girl at heart, living in Texas, so…. I graduated from Edison State College in 2007 with an AA in general education, and transferred to a small private Christian college to graduate in 2009 from Asbury University with my degree in Media Communications.  Basically I learned a lot about film and tv.

I’m not what you’d call a southern belle.  Not the biggest fan of monogramed things, and the only kind of tea I had growing up was unsweet.  GASP! I know, I know.  But I do say “y’all,” so that’s pretty good I guess…lol.

{Favorites} Just in case you was a wonderin’:

-falling asleep watching movies on the couch on a Friday night
-eating raw cookie dough (though, not Weight Watchers appropriate these days)
-hanging out with family
-lazy saturdays
-being in my own home when the sun is shining
-that sense of accomplishment after finishing any type of project
-traveling.  OH MY GOODNESS I love to travel
-creating graphics that were previously out of my realm of design
-cooking recipes I find on pinterest
-decorating.  Like fo real. Sometimes I overdecorate…whoops.
-quality time with my love
-good talks with God
-good heart talks with people


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