My Momma

My mom…is the most amazing mom.  I’m sure many of you feel this way, but naturally you’re wrong. Haha…j/k, but really…my mom is better than your mom! lol

She’s never pressured me to be or do something that wasn’t me.  She wasn’t one of those moms that pressured me to date when I was 24 years-old and had never been kissed.  She wasn’t a mom who pressured me to lose weight.  We encouraged each other, for sure, but she never made me feel bad about myself for any type of weight gain, and trust me, I’m been up and down a lot over the years.  She always believes I can do and succeed at anything, even when I’m skeptical about it, myself.

She is laid back, but fiercely organized.  She could come in any situation and have all problems figured out within minutes, but she’ll only do that if you want her to.  She’s the smartest woman I know, and the best advocate for anyone she considers her kid (natural kid or not).

I love her more than words or this blog post can express, and I’m so blessed that she’s MY mom.

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