Traveling Tuesday

My husband and I have a trip to Greece coming up to celebrate our one year anniversary.  For those of you who keep up on current events, yes we are slightly worried about Euro availability and the state of Greece in general. But we are still excited.  It will be my first international travel with Roger, and that makes me a little nervous but I suppose if I’ve chosen him as my life partner, I should trust that he’ll make an incredible traveling partner!!! lol. Mostly we’re just too busy to even get too excited about it, which is sad.  But I know we will have the best time once we are there.

So to get me and the hubby pumped, here are my top five Greece photo picks:





Ok, so the pics aren’t in a particular order, but I am more excited for Greece, now! Pinterest is the best for top traveling tips and must sees for the different islands we’ll be going to in Greece!

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Wedding Wednesday {Crafting, Part 1}

That one time I was crazy and decided to craft for my wedding!

I got married on September 13, 2014.  And I planned a LOT of crafts for Roger and I to make for our wedding day.

If you have a year to plan and prep for your wedding, then you’re golden.  If you have 6 months or less to plan and prep, AND you’re a type-A personality *Lindsey, here…raising my hand* then crafting is a crazy idea! lol

We had a lot of fun crafting but it was a lot of work, and we needed a lot of friends to help out!

In part one (of two) of my Crafting series I’m giving you all the deets on my table decorations:

{Dying Glasses}

That’s right, folks.  Mod Podge and food coloring.  And lots of patience!!!–cuz these suckers take forever to dry. We thrifted for our wedding glasses from various thrift shops.  It took about 7 trips over the course of 6 weeks to get all the glasses we needed. We dyed a total of 112 glasses.

10390567_707265450115_4271899312484339381_n Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

{Dying Doilies}

Do you sense a theme here? Roger is Mexican and I wanted to create something that would be like the flags used in his culture on special occasions:

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetBut I wanted to do an wedding spin on them (without having plain white flags), so I created a colorful pastel palette and we dyed doilies for DAYS.  In this craft, we used water, food coloring, and dollar store pans. It took an army of friends, and an hour of dying here and there to get it all done in a timely manner.


All in all, we died 700 doilies for the occasion. Only a handful of those are pictured below. IMG_6042

{Paper Flowers}

I didn’t get to make these sorts of flowers in elementary school a whole lot, but I did once or twice, I’m sure.  But now, after my wedding prep, I can now assemble such a flower with my eyes closed! With this craft, I took stuff to work to have my friends and coworkers lend a helping hand.  What can I say, we were in crunch mode.

1743599_740156341505_2789019167397884795_n (1)

10671425_740157204775_5327067020667102926_n 10422187_740157179825_8664942666817383915_n

Here was what I was going for…these are the pics I took to give to my decorators so they would know how I wanted the tables set.  See?! Type-A to the max!

IMG_6984 IMG_6985Don’t worry, this was just to give people an idea.  We actually put the doilies on string and used double sided tape to keep them closed.  I may or may not still have ALL of these banners.  It took a lot of work, yo! Hard to part with them!!!

Well guys, that it for today’s edition of Wedding Wednesday! More crafts (a few more) next week.

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Homemade Ornaments

Last night I tried my hand at making ornaments for an upcoming ornament exchange.  Haha.

To pinterest and Michael’s I went.  Here’s the craft I attempted:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.13.11 AM

You can click on the above photo, or HERE for how to do it, but basically you are supposed to use a liquid adhesive (they use varnish…I used clear Elmer’s glue) to roll around INSIDE the ornament to coat it, then you pour sprinkles in to coat the ornament.  Haha.  They even mention how to not get the sprinkle colors to run.  Oops.

Sooooo um, this is how mine turned out…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Not too bad, until you look at the ornament from the top:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Yeah, so a blog I follow, “Chits and Giggles” once asked if her reader’s had any pinterest fails.  I think this counts! lol

ANYWAY,  I tried the craft again, with some slight modifications:


Here were my supplies:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset(I don’t know if you’re supposed to use glass balls, but I break things, SO, I used plastic)
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset(I used Clear Elmer’s glue instead of varnish…mostly because I couldn’t find the varnish.  Also, I used glitter instead of sprinkles.  Glitter colors don’t run.  Also, I wanted something more glamorous.)

I did the same thing I did with the sprinkles…put some glue in the ornament, and tilted the ornamet around until the inside was coated with glue.  Then I simply poured in some glitter! I put the ornament upside down in an old cup to let excess glitter and glue drop out.  Et voila!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset(Ornament after 11 hours of drying)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

In moving forward, I will most likely mix my own glitter.  I wanted something with a little more gold in it.  So next time, I will mix my own glitter and customize it that way.  I wasn’t super impressed with Michael’s selection of glitter.  Apparently I’m a connoisseur.  lol

Well that’s it for my craft night! If anyone has been successful with the sprinkle ornament, let a sista know! lol

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Our First Turkey

Ok, so we didn’t get on pinterest for a Turkey recipe, but we did ask our parents and consult Chef Ramsay on YouTube to learn how to make our very first turkey!

Roger and I were going to host Thanksgiving at our house this year, which of course comes with the tremendous responsibility of prepping the centerpiece of the meal: the turkey.

The shindig later got moved to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, but we did still commit to making the bird.  And here’s what we did.

First, we watched this youtube video on how to season it properly:

Basically, Ramsay kills the bird with butter, and if you don’t want to watch the video, this is all we did:


We concocted a butter based on his recipe but made our own modifications.  We used 4 sticks of butter (soft, but not melted), a bit of olive oil so the butter doesn’t burn while the turkey is roasting.  We added salt, pepper, parsley (the kind that comes in a jar because we don’t keep fresh spices on hand…unfortunately), garlic powder, and lemon juice.  We mixed this all up with a fork and Roger took it and smeared it all over the bird between the actual meat and the skin.  Then he rubbed it all over the outside of the skin.


We used an oven bag and followed the directions in order to roast the turkey properly.  Apparently the bag bastes the turkey while it cooks, and helps steam it so that it cooks the turkey without drying it out.  This was a bit of advice from Roger’s dad.

My mom suggested cooking our 23 pound turkey for 4 hours, and then checking it afterwards.  Our butterball turkey didn’t come with a pop up thermometer, so we bought a meat thermometer to check the turkey after 4 hours.  My mom said once the temperture in the leg was 150 degrees, the Turkey was done.  Ours was 180 degrees after the 4 hours, so we took that mug out.


Roger watched another tutorial on how to cut the turkey so we can get the most meat off of it.  And we sure did! The meat on the legs came right off the bone.  And even the breast meat was tender and delicious!


Altogether, we call that a successful Thanksgiving turkey! YAY for married culinary adventures!

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The first entry!


And consequently the first pinterest post.  Basically I love the feeling after making something myself.  I’m not what anyone would consider a homemaker by any means.  But I like being crafty and learning to cook new things…hence my obsession with pinterest.

Fun fact: Didn’t actually want a pinterest account. Remember when it first came out and you had to be invited (wait…is that still a thing?).  I don’t know…seemed bougie.  Everyone seemed obsessed with pinning all the time.  And I was all like, “I’m unproductive enough as it is!” #thestruggle

But I caved one day and actually got one.  Almost 7,000 pins later, here we are. Officially obsessed.

So.  For my first post, I’ll be tackling this amazing looking dish:

PotatoCasserole1I am a very visual person.  So when I saw this post I thought, “Awesome! Potatoes, cheese, bacon, chicken…how could that go wrong?! I love all these things!!!” Exceeeeept…my brain somehow didn’t completely process the ingredients on the shopping trip.  Paprika and hot sauce were among said ingredients.  I’ve used paprika before in cooking, but didn’t really notice how much the recipe called for.  I was in producer mode…I had a list and wanted to get in and out of that grocery store as fast as possible.

So imagine my surprise when I started making the meal.  “Dang, this thing is gonna be HOT!” Oh my.  As I was dumping, I decided to start modifying the original recipe.


1) I did NOT use the hot sauce.  I did NOT have time to be groping around for water after every bite.  6 TABLESPOONS OF HOT SAUCE?! Oh no…ain’t nobody got time for that.

2) Girl (or boy…) I did NOT read the instructions before I started going.  They wanted me to chop the potatoes, season, and THEN bake for 45 MINUTES!!!!! No.  I had company, and wanted to finish pronto.  {Helpful modification:} Potatoes went into a microwaveable dish (we have a huge, old microwave), and we nuked those suckers first for 5 minutes, stirred, and then kept microwaving in 2 minute increments (stirring in between) until the potatoes were tender. 45 minutes were instantly cut to 10.  Hallelujah!

3) I don’t know about y’all, but I am about quick and easy.  I used the bacon bits that come in a bag.  Good decision.  I didn’t want to be cleaning a bacon pan with the rest of the dishes (your homegirl does NOT have a dishwasher…it’s called my left and right hands…or Roger’s! lol)


4)  This isn’t a modification so much as a regret… The recipe calls for you to heat the over to 500 degrees.  500 DEGREES!!!! That is soooo hot! Nearly melted my face off.  Plus, it ended up burning many of my green onions to crisps! I will modify to 450 for 20 minutes in the future and see how that goes!

The result of this meal was absolutely fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong…the potatoes definitely had a kick.  But it was manageable, and lent a lot to the overall flavor.  The hotness of the oven added to the crispiness of the bacon on top, and I thought that was a good texture.

My carb loving household will be making this recipe again!