The WeightWatchers Post

I posted my before and “after” on FB the other night…ya know, the one from the last post?

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.55.35 PM


I am super encouraged and blown away by the support of loved ones, and even the people that I only sort of know. It’s cool to think I am inspiring others, as I’ve received FB messages, comments and even the newly introduced “love” reaction on my post.

And now I can’t mess up.

Well, crap.

I mean, if somehow I gain the weight back, or stop doing well on WeightWatchers, I will feel the burn of eyes upon me, assuming they are all wondering what happened to me.

And after the week I’ve had of bad eating, I wonder what’s happened to me, too.


Yeah. I know.

I think what is important in weight loss is to keep going, even when you have weeks like this. So that weeks don’t turn into months, and then eventually years as in my case. It’s a mental game, like most endeavors, and success in some way will either be won or lost on the battlefield of your mind. That’s how it goes.

So, just a little encouragement post from me. Don’t give up! If you’ve made a positive change in your life…to lose weight, or workout more, or go back to school, or pursue your goals. Whatever the change, you may have known when you made it that change wouldn’t come easy but that it was necessary. You may have known that, but knowing it…really knowing it and struggling through the process of making that change is a lot harder than you may realize.

That’s not a reason to give up or quit. Keep going, because one day you will look back at where you started, and you will see just how far you’ve come. Sure, there will be setbacks. Sure, things will happen or come up. But it’s not about the messup. Messups will happen. It’s about how you handle them once you do make them. And I say, get right back on track!

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4 thoughts on “The WeightWatchers Post

  1. Aww! Cool that you got so much support from your friends on your “so far” post! And yep, even when we have setbacks, it’s never worth totally giving up on something that’s worth doing!

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