The Roaring Twenties

Or the roaring 27, to be exact.

Roger’s 27th birthday was on Monday..appropriately, blogging was put on a hiatus to focus on him. Yes, I’m one of those people who is horrible at scheduling blog posts week in advance!

Roger has mentioned on occasion that he only remembers 3 birthday parties from his childhood. Well, being from a family where birthdays were perhaps OVERdone, I was sad for Rog. I mean, I’ve had a horseback riding party, chuck e cheese parties, and one year, my mom turned a warehouse at her work into a skating rink party for me!

So the plans to throw Roger a cheesy, 90’s style bday party began. The choice of theme was easy.  He loved dinosaurs growing up, and just like Roger, his 2 year-old nephew was also obsessed. Being that our nephew’s party was supposed to be around the same time as Roger’s, I thought I’d do the same theme he was having at his party, so that Roger’s sis could have the leftover decorations. I may love to be cheesy, but I’m also very practical! Pluuuus…in an effort at 100% transparency, we were going to get Dex man a costume for our nephew’s party–a raptor.  If it was the same theme, at least we only had to get one costume! (But alas, the darn thing was too large for him!!!)

It was a surprise party. Somehow, even though the party was at our house–Roger was completely oblivious that the party was for him.  His sister and her family came over the night before the party.  And that didn’t tip him off.  

His sister and I decorated while he was coming in and out of the house cooking hamburgers on the grill. And THAT didn’t tip him off.

He walked past his cake, and THAT didn’t tip him off.

I had to make him read the cake before he understood that all of these people gathered were there for him.  That the reason his sis and fam came was because of him.  It was a priceless moment.

When it dawned on Roger, he immediately ran to the bedroom to find and don his Jurassic Park shirt. Perfect for the party!

We had a great time with everyone, and it was nice to have a party for him.  Last year, it was just a dinner of warmed up freezer lasagna for him.  We were in full wedding mode at the time, and it was the best I could muster, embarrisingyly enough. And I like to celebrate people, so I knew I had to redeem myself this year!

He’s now had two parties, two cakes, a root beer float social, an edible arrangement, a trip to buy shoes, cologne, a birthday breakfast AND a birthday dinner of hibachi to celebrate his birthday.  More than he expected, or honestly even desired.

What makes me happiest is knowing that he knows he is loved, cherished, and celebrated!

Happy birthday, baby!


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