Life Goals

I’m feeling the need to reflect on life, so sorry if this is where my brainstorming is taking place.  Basically I want to lead a better quality of life. Here is my lofty list of goals.  I’ll check-in in a couple of months to see if I’m making any real-life improvements!



  1. Go to bed intentionally–this sounds weird, but sometimes I get caught up on the couch watching netflix instead of being intentional about getting ready for bed, and then actually going to bed. I won’t set a time.  That would lead to disaster.
  2. Don’t eat out more than twice a week.  This is for the budget, and for health reasons. Two birds, one stone.
  3. “Workout” 5 times a week. No excuses.  Walking counts.
  4. Intentionally seek out time to spend with God in prayer and bible study–I can’t minister if I’m empty.
  5. Create a “blessings” cushion in our budget–to be able to give generously during the month when we see our neighbors or friends in need.
  6. Blog at least 2 times a week. Not that I can’t do more, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure come the busy fall and winter months ahead.
  7. Empty the kitchen sink every night.
  8. Keep the house in order–and stay up-to-date on laundry. (Meaning, make sure my husband is good to go. Not that he can’t help, but not letting him get down to his last pair of drawers! lol insert crying laughing face.)

Well I think those goals are ambitious enough. We’ll see how they go, and what I’ll need to adjust in the future to reach and maintain these goals!


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