I’m baaaaaack!

Ok, so maybe I was off the radar for, oh I don’t know…three months now, I guess.  But let me tell you, moving half-way across country will take it out of you!

I’m gonna start off small today, but trust that there will be some bigger stories down the line.

What I love so far about Texas:

  1. A place called Rounder’s.  When Roger and I were planning our move to Texas, one of the questions I asked in all seriousness was: are there any good pizza places.  This is the place we went to the very day we moved here.  And I’ve eaten there, I don’t know, 10 times in 6 weeks (the struggle is really real). Soooo good! 
  2. TRAFFIC!!!! For those of you who may know, I moved from Atlanta, GA to a mid-size city in Texas.  There are no overpasses anywhere here.  Well, ok.  There is technically one.  ONE OVERPASS! I used to have to take 2 highways to get to work everyday.  The closest interstate now is 25 minutes away. And I NEVER need to use it….well, to get to work.  To get to Dallas? yes–the interstate would then become necessary.
  3. The manners.  I have found what people call southern hospitality here.  I grew up in Southwest Florida…arguably not the southern-est place in the south—considering all of the snow birds there.  And I think some readers will agree that Atlanta isn’t the most hospitable, either.  But here they have that southern twang, and an over-abundance of politeness and niceties.  Feels like home–well, like how home should feel.
  4. OUR NEW DOG! More on this for sure, but we rescued a 7 month-old dog in Texas…dachshund chihuahua. His name is Dexter. Dex for short.  And no.  We did NOT name him after a serial killer.  We named him after a short, fat cartoon character! lol. “DeDe, what are you doing in my laboratory?”
  5. Shopping. This is bad, but Ross is within walking distance. I live a 5 minute drive from all major retail, and I must say I’m loving it. 
  6. Ministry. Moving here, I knew my husband and I would be more heavily involved in the ministry of our new church than we were at our old church in Atlanta–well, at least that I would be more heavily involved than I used to be.  The thought of this really scared me because, well, I really love my free time.  But somehow or the other, I am really, really enjoying it.  God’s asking me to take down a lot of barriers that I’ve had up for a long time.  And he’s me not to be so afraid all the time.  It’s safe to say that Roger and I will be growing a lot in this season of life. 

So, more stories and things to come, but I wanted to give you a taste today. Don’t worry–updates on Dex, the house, and life here in Texas will be forthcoming. Thank you for hanging in there with me, lovelies.  Good to be back!


2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaack!

  1. Just stumbled across your blog! Congrats on the big move! The only place I’ve ever lived in TX was an hour outside of Dallas–and because of that I always associate TX with overpasses and big, busy roads with lots of traffic. It would probably be much nicer driving conditions in a different part of the state! 🙂 It’s exciting to hear how you’re enjoying your new ministry opportunities.
    I read your about page and your description of your short Mexican husband made me smile–mostly because I describe my husband the exact same way. Sometimes people say, “Hey, don’t say he’s short, that’s not nice!” and I wonder if they think that he’s under the impression that he’s tall when my 13 year old baby sister stands 3 inches taller than him…


    1. Thanks for stopping by! And sorry I’m late in responding! I hear ya! Dallas is a crazy mess! I’ve never seen so many interstates in one place! And lol. I think it’s definitely healthy to recognize husbands heights! Lol. They must surely know by now that they are short!!! Short and proud, baby! lol


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