Embracing your body at any size

Your homegirl is a plus size.  I’ve come to accept this fact.  And while this hasn’t always been the case, and while I hope it won’t be the case come this time next year, it is my current reality.  Sometimes I get really down on myself about it.  Since my honey moved to the ATL, I’ve packed on the weight (not that I was every a skinny-mini, but I’m certainly at my heaviest).  I guess I’ve had a lot of stressors over the last year! But anyway, instead of just ugly crying over it, I decided to embrace it.  I hit up my wedding photographer and asked for some photos.  Alli from Photography by Alli did an amazing job! Thank you for making me feel beautiful at any size! PBA2015-Lindsey-4 PBA2015-Lindsey-5 PBA2015-Lindsey-6 PBA2015-Lindsey-9 PBA2015-Lindsey-13 PBA2015-Lindsey-14 PBA2015-Lindsey-15 PBA2015-Lindsey-20 PBA2015-Lindsey-28 PBA2015-Lindsey-62 PBA2015-Lindsey-34 PBA2015-Lindsey-37 PBA2015-Lindsey-40 PBA2015-Lindsey-44 PBA2015-Lindsey-46 PBA2015-Lindsey-48 PBA2015-Lindsey-57

LindseySignature2 BreakLine


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