Wedding Wednesday {Choosing my Colors}

Why choose just a couple of colors when you can have them all?! lol.

For my wedding, I did something a little non-traditional. I chose an inspiration piece, and went from there:



Even though my wedding was in September, I wasn’t going to have sunflowers and fall colors at my wedding.  I wanted a light, Colorful wedding. And that’s what I went for.

But this was about the third decision I made to with regard to my wedding.  At first, I wanted a Hollywood Glam theme. Something along the lines of this (but obvs less extravagant):



But then I thought that was too “theme-like”.  And it didn’t feel enough like me.

My next attempt at a wedding theme/color scheme was to do an English Tea Party with a vintage twist.  Think a Downton Abbey themed Garden Party:

I wanted to married outside with very pale pinks for the bridesmaids dresses.  But then I changed my mind to be married outside, and my sister informed me that she would look naked in a pale pink dress.  Which is tragic, but true, lol. I ended up changing my mind again (not because of my sis, but because of my venue) and went with the inspiration piece you’ve already seen.

The chapel we decided to be married in was the chapel where I first gave my life to Christ.


The chapel is largely unchanged since my childhood, and has very red carpet and pew covering.  I just felt pale pink bridesmaid dresses wouldn’t work. And I wanted to incorporate more colors, including my favorite color.  Which doesn’t happen to be pink, but blue!

Here was the idea I wanted for the bridesmaid dresses:

bridalpartylookI of course am the one in white. My sis would be in blue, my cousin in the seafoam, and my sister-in-law in the salmon like color.

With only 3 bridesmaids, no one needed to match.

Well, I suggested a certain type of dress that was way out of everyone’s budget, so I went the traditional David’s bridal route.  I told them they could get whatever dress they wanted as long as it was knee-length chiffon. And then I gave them each their color:



Here’s what they chose:



Pretty spot on, so I was happy! These dresses definitely fit well with the inspiration piece!


What colors did you choose? And if you’re not married…what colors have you always dreamed about?

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Choosing my Colors}

  1. I am loving that salmon like color! I have always dreamed of either peach, dark purple and gold or mint, light purple and silver. However, if you were to go on my ‘dream wedding’ pinterest board…you’d think I had no plans at all and my colors would be a legit crayola crayon box…#yolo? hahaha

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  2. love your color choices! We got married in September too and I really wanted to do pink and brown but pink didn’t go with the color of the sanctuary we got married in. I ended up using a burnt orange and threw in some lime green. It’s funny though, if I had to do it over again, I probably would have picked completely different colors.

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    1. Gotcha on the color change choice. Man. I cant even think about doing it over! Haha!!!! But there are a few things, i’ll be the first to admit, that i’d probably do over again, too!


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