Thursday Thoughts {link up}

Linking up with Meagan from Beautifulthingswithm, and you totally should, too!

Beautiful Things


I think vacation can’t come soon enough! Leaving this Monday for *almost* a week in San Antonio…well at least, that’s where we’re flying into.  Our family is throwing us a Texas Wedding Reception so I can meet Roger’s whole family.  They were unable to come to the wedding in South Carolina! It’s gonna be an adventure, and I can’t wait! Hitting at least 3 cities!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.57.43 AM


I just learned this week that Taylor doesn’t sing about her Starbucks lovers in Blank Space.  Oops.


I think it’s a miracle that I’ve kept this plant alive since June 2013.  #AudreyIIstatus



I think….that I definitely cherish even brief moments with Roger way more on busy weeks like this one!


I think…Kathleen is one of my favs, and I enjoyed hanging out with her on Sunday and catching the new Insurgent movie! Loved it, though she did not! And I was happy to help her out by getting her pics for her Monday post about “The Goodwill“!


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