Wedding Wednesday {First things First}

Engagement photos.  Am I right?!

Alright, so maybe it’s been like 18 days since my last post.  Let’s chalk it up to “my bad,” and move on.  I’ve been lazy, y’all.  #thestruggle

So anyway, #weddingwednesday.  Yes.  I started this blog well after the I Do’s, but I think this could be a fun place to share the process with you all.  And before a wedding, comes of course, engagement photos.

Roger and I are different than most couples.  Even physically.  I asked God for a tall, dark and handsome man. And well, two out of three ain’t bad! Lol. Jk, jk guys.  I love my husband for all of who he is!!!! But he’s on the short side of life and I always thought I’d marry someone in the 6’6″ range.  So a foot shorter wasn’t in my plans, but thank GOODNESS it was in God’s!

So anyway…he’s shorter than me, and we’re both what you might call fluffy. You know I ain’t no stick figure, barbie-doll (thank you Meghan!) and Roger is the cutest, fluffiest Mexican to ever live.  He’s wonderful! But that doesn’t mean we could go around taking pics like this:

And I’m a little insecure about me being a plus size girl and trying to pull off those super adorbs photos like this…outside…where everyone can see me!

Like for sure I’d know I’d be too self conscious. So I set out to create a theme for the shoot, and arranged it to take place in someone’s private, fenced in backyard.  I need my privacy, folks! lol

First, I started with an idea.  A tea party mixed with a little vintage while incorporating my wedding colors as best as possible.  Here’s just a few of the results:

(Ps, Purple was not one of my colors…those come in later! This shoot is a two parter!)

(one of my favs!)

(another fav!)

(here’s where the colors come in!)

And now for a few funnier ones, cuz, ya know…totally us!

And finally, this:

Did I mention we did a paint shoot?! Haha.  More on that next Wednesday!

Hugs and kisses! Sorry for being gone so long!





4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {First things First}

  1. Girl…I think we are the same person in two bodies! I’m fairly tall (5’8) and always dated guys taller than me. I envisioned marrying someone close to my dads height (6’5) and dreamed of wearing wedges and tall heals. Well Cory is the exact same height as me (maybe an inch shorter) and this was something I was so self conscious of at first. I soon realized I couldn’t walk in heels so that didn’t really matter but I never thought I would marry a shorty (for a guy). I love the shoot y’all did though. All the colors are great and the paint is so much fun!


    1. Lol thanks Paige! I think we are the same person!!! Tall guys all the way until roger. But he’s the one who stole my heart! Wouldnt have it any other way!!!! Especially since me and heels aren’t friends! Haha. And thanks! We love our pics!


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