Starting a Business

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but alas…time has been against me, or at least I haven’t used it wisely.

About two years ago, it was suggested to me that I file for a Federal tax ID number so that I could do graphic design work on the side. See, graphic design is part of my full-time job, and it’s something I’ve excelled at over the years.

So I filed for an EIN–this is what I needed in order to become a sole proprietor.

Recently, I felt the need to open my sole proprietorship under a DBA-a “doing business as.”  This will help me open a business account for my transactions, etc.

That paperwork came in this January and I was ready to go, having already accepted 4 jobs!

With on minor exception: my desk.


It’s a little desk, to be sure.  It was actually a hand-me-down from my cousin who no longer needed it.  But though she be little, she be fierce.  Ya know what I’m saying?! lol. I thought my desk worked juuuuuuust fine.  Well, ok, it worked well enough.

My dear friend Kathleen from Helloprenurse thought otherwise.  And she didn’t hesitate to tell me…”you’re about to start a business…you can’t do it on that little thing!”

So, while I was out of town early in January, she left this for me at my house (she has a spare key, of course!):

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

deskstickynotes(Lindsey this desk was giving me & Kiyanna cancer!!!Surprise!)

I was like…NO WAY!!!! What in the world!!!! I proceeded to the home office to find this beautiful desk in place of the old one:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetKathleen of course took issue with my desk chair as well…being a plastic fold-up chair and all. So I decided to get myself a nice chair to go with my new desk (which, PS, I love so much!!! EEEEEK!)


The morale of the story is that I have amazing friends, and I will never forget this amazing desk! EVER! It’s so me, right?!?!

Thank you so much Kathleen! You are the bestest!

Have a lovely Monday, friends!

LindseySignature2 BreakLine



6 thoughts on “Starting a Business

    1. Thanks! And nah, I don’t think that’s necessary (though if you make over $400 a year from your blog you would have to report it on your income tax–though, you could report it under your usual SSN), but I don’t actually sell anything or ad space, etc. So it’s all good. I got it so I could do some freelance design work, just so everything can be on the up and up.


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