Hello March!

First, a short apology for being so remise in writing blog posts of late.  I’ve been lazy!

5 thoughts for today:


I can’t believe how fast time is going.  How could it possibly already be March? In 11 short days, Roger and I will be celebrating 1/2 a year of marriage.  So crazy!


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE A TOP COAT OF NAIL POLISH TO DRY!!!! Geez! I painted my nails last night and went to bed well over an hour after applying the top coat.  Woke up, and there were all these marks on the polish! #theworst


Not to be a Debby Downer, but I briefly listened to the Bert Show this morning in an attempt to keep me awake on my morning commute.  The Bert Show is a radio show I used to love…that is until Bert made a big deal that “how can you know you want to marry someone if you’ve never had sex with that person?” And this set me off, because whatever someone’s personal choice, we shouldn’t judge them.  I personally made a commitment to be abstinent until marriage, and I felt a little offended about the whole thing.  Anyway, today I heard some sad news that Bert is getting a divorce.  I feel really bad for him and his family.  I understand there are reasons for divorce, but it’s still a sad ordeal, especially with children involved.  So Bert’s been trolling blogs about divorce, and he came across one that suggested the idea of marriage as it stands…between one man and one woman….is a broken, out-of-date idea that no longer works (the blogger cites the 50% divorce rate as evidence to support the writer’s theory).  They suggested that an open marriage with several sexual partners was the way to go.  I didn’t hear Bert’s opinion on this, and I’m not saying this is how he feels. But I feel completely sad for the state of our country to believe that open marriage is the way to go.  I guess I can’t judge if that’s someone’s personal decision.  But as for me and my house, that will not stand! lol. I hate the thought that people would hold sex as an idol in their marriage.  Sex is a beautiful thing.  But it’s the icing on the cake.  It isn’t the marriage.  Sex is never a sound foundation for marriage.  Friendship is.  That’s all I will say.


The Paradise is a completely enchanting show, and a perfect thing to binge watch (only 16 episodes) once your favorite shows have ended!


I tried a new restaurant this weekend, Baby Tommy’s Pizzeria (or as their sign says, Taste of New York).  They have amazing sandwiches, pizza and the like.  And apparently, right before I arrived, Charles Barkley made a visit.  So, ya know, that’s cool.  Near celebrity siting!

And PS, the dress is and always will be blue and black.  I’ve literally never seen it any other way!

LindseySignature2 BreakLine



2 thoughts on “Hello March!

  1. Happy March! The struggle of nail polish is so real! I have had nights just like yours..I could’ve sworn that the polish was dry and I woke up to a hot mess. I agree with you on the open marriage subject.. I guess that for some people it may work but it would NEVER work for me! Anyways, have a fabulous week girly!

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    1. Maybe we need that little heater thing they use for gel nails in the nail salon. Though I am afraid of getting cancer in my fingers from the machine…haha. And yup, open marriage…not for me!!! Thanks girl, hope you have a good week too!!! 🙂


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