Thursday Thoughts–Link up

Hey guys! I’m linking up with Meagan from BeautifulThings to bring you Thursday thoughts.  On Friday.  Haha.

Beautiful Things

Also, and this is a warning, some of these are also confessions…

I think…

1) Internet should be free.  Seriously.

2) I love Valentine’s Day because it fills me with love.  Even though I’ve only had a significant other on 3 Valentine’s Days of my life, I still have loved every one.  My mom always made it a special day.  I think it’s a day to show love to all, and reminds you how lucky you are to have people in your life to love and who love you.


3) Oatmeal and Jam has to be the tastiest way to get in whole grains ever.

4) I despair at the fact that someone would kill three young adults execution style in the prime of their lives over a “parking spot.” #chapelhillshooting

5) If my period is one day late, I automatically assume for an entire day that I’m pregnant.  Haha.

6)  Laser tag has to be the best Valentine’s date ever, and I’m glad I thought of it! You’re going down, Roger!

And that’s it for this edition of Thursday Thoughts on Friday! Hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day!!!! What are your plans for the weekend?

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