Just call me a worry-wart

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Here’s why I don’t handle change so well:

1) I hate getting used to something new

2) I usually have a routine down that change necessarily interrupts.

3) I can’t just be on autopilot, I have to start giving thought to how things are done and handled (ok, so obvs this isn’t a bad thing…it’s just that I get lazy!).

4) A door is opened to either worry or trust God, and I usually make the wrong decision.

Even just talking about changing makes me anxious and fearful.  Because change is an unknown.  A big unknown.  And I don’t know how to hang.  Talking about possible changes brings up all of these “what-if’s,” and I’ve always been superb about worrying about every little possible thing that could happen.

But here’s the thing about worry:

And ya know, I’m tired of being drained about the future.  I’m tired of disappointing myself by choosing to not trust God in the midst of impending changes.  I just want to let go and let God handle this.  Even though there’s no possible way that I see how God can make the way for these changes.  But I should have more faith than that, because He’s already in the future.  And He knows how these changes will work themselves out, even if I don’t.

Yeah, sorry for this cryptic post.  God is good. But I worry.  I am a worrier by nature.  Hereditary.  Ha.

My husband and I are just facing some crossroads and a little unsure of the future and how things will change, but we know it’s coming.  We just don’t know when.  And in the waiting, it’s tempting to worry.  Ya feel me? Anyway, say a prayer for us!

Thanks loves,

LindseySignature2 BreakLine



4 thoughts on “Just call me a worry-wart

  1. worrying is one of my favorite past times 🙂 i totally feel you though my friend. it’s the planner/producer in you…but just think. you totally did not see roger in your plans–and look how God placed him into your life—and it’s been a rollercoaster of an adventure. praying for you in this season and know that i’m always here no matter what. love you!

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