The Mondays

Well folks, it Monday again…which means, I’ve got the case of the Mondays, right?! WRONG!

Here are things I can’t complain about:

1) My job.  It pays the bills, and for that I’m forever thankful.

2) Getting up early.  It give me enough time to make myself coffee AND get to work on time!

(My actual travel mug…may look boring, but it gets the job done. Plus never had a spill!)

3) Driving by myself to work.  The 14 mile, 50 minute commute gives me time to pray and think.

4) Being busy all day at work.  Gives me something to be proud of at the end of the day–a sense of accomplishment.

5) Having to eat salad for lunch. It provides awesome nutrition and will help me reach my weight goals.


Here are things to celebrate:

1) I made my own salad dressing for today’s lunch, and it was on point!

(click for the recipe on Pinterest!)

2) I found a new creamer I love: Nestle’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

3) I actually worked out yesterday…instead of just complaining about my weight gain! :p

4) I have decided to let a few things go this week that weren’t so good for me to dwell on.  Holding thoughts captive, y’all!

5) I found this quote that keeps me calm, so I choose to celebrate it:

LindseySignature2 BreakLine


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