More Resolutions

If you haven’t seen my declaration of Hope post, check it out! It outlines one of Roger and I’s more intense resolutions…but today, I just want to touch on my other resolutions, or goals really, for 2015 (…and yes, I know it’s February and I’m late, BUT):

{It’s the God in me}

So top of the priority list is for Roger and I to seek God consistently both together and individually. This means cracking open our dusty bibles and getting serious into His word.  It also means spending time in prayer with Him on the daily.  I was thinking we can start incorporating scripture with our dinner.  It’s the one time of day we usually spend together–just the two of us.  Of course there are exceptions to this, and we will need to be flexible. But it’s a good start.

(Update: We stopped everything we were doing one night last week and sat down to do bible study together on a couple chapters of Hosea.  It was pretty awesome! Obvs I’d like to do it more than just one night a week, but hey, it’s a start!!!)

{ Hola!}

Learning a second language! Definitely something I’ve been wanting to do since High School Spanish class.  So this year is the year.  Hopefully. lol

Roger and I got an amazing Christmas present from my folks…Rosetta Stone Spanish, levels 1-4.  Now that we have the software, the trick will be actually doing it.  I don’t mind being held accountable (wink, wink).

(Update: Haven’t started yet…As my friend Kathleen would say, “What are you waiting on? Jesus to come back?”)



I counted today, and I have 6 alarms I consistently use to wake me up in the morning.  Note.  I don’t hit snooze 5 times to hear 6 alarms.  Nay.  I have 6 separate alarms with 6 separate snoozes.  I end up snoozing like 30 times in the morning.

Resolution: Get up earlier than I need to…like a grown up.  That way I can take my time in the morning and actually eat breakfast at home (which, ps…breakfast is key to a healthy weight).  Basically I’m just tired of waking up at the last second and having to rush.  Doesn’t seem like a good habit for a professional.

(Update: I’ve been getting up either on time, or earlier than needed.  I’ve been on time to work because I’m actually giving myself enough time to get to work, and today, I was up before 7, which is a miracle!!! lol)


{Just call me the librarian}

I definitely want to read more.  I’ve set up my office with a cozy reading chair, and I have dreams of sitting there on a Saturday afternoon just reading to my heart’s content.  We’ll see how that goes.  lol.

(Update: I read a book last night in my cozy chair.  Albeit, it was a Dr. Suess book, but I read it nonetheless! lol)

{The budget nazi}

I resolve to continue being my own budget nazi.  We are saving for a truck and a trip to Greece, and it all takes mulah! Time to get serious about it all!

(Update: We are still saving for both every month, BUT we’ve decided to wait until this time next year to buy a truck.  We should have a serious downpayment by then!)


Well that’s it for me! Hope you’ve enjoyed these overdo resolution declarations! lol

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2 thoughts on “More Resolutions

  1. So many great goals and many that we are trying to implement as well. Cory and I said we start getting up at 4:45 but we’ve been up by 5:00 the past couple mornings and it gives us time to fix breakfast and then pray together for our day. I’ve really enjoyed it but would love doing a Bible study with him!

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    1. Bible study with your hubby is definitely cool. I wish we could both get up early to do it before work. Such an amazing way to start the day. Just will be a while before we could get that going! lol. Neither one of us is a morning person!!!! I’m like…isn’t there only one 5 on the clock?!?! Haha. But that’s awesome that you guys are able to, for sure!


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