Surprises + Christmas Thoughts

So, there will be some surprises and gift-giving to blog about soon.  I can’t right now, and you’ll understand why in a few days, but suffice it to say I’m beyond excited today!

Christmas is almost here!!! YAY!!!

A few Christmas thoughts:


Real trees die (and yes, we’ve been watering ours!!!)



We’ve already planned to make two Christmas traditions for ourselves and our future family: 1) making Christmas ornaments every year, and 2) watching “Here Comes Santa Claus” every Christmas Eve Eve Eve (well the day doesn’t matter so much as that we watch it…it’s one Roger’s family always watched together).

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It’s better to give than receive.  Does anyone else just get way more excited about the gifts you give others? Like this gift for Roger.  Shhhh, don’t tell him! lol (PS, you can get this shirt here!)IMG_8235


And last but not least: I’m really thinking about all of my family these days (especially my new family!) and hoping 2015 brings many opportunities to be together! Christmas is for families, ya know.  And celebrating Jesus’ birth, of course!


In case I don’t blog tomorrow, have a Merry Christmas!!!

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