Confessions {#tbt edition}

A couple of weeks ago I did a confessions post, and there seems to be a lot to confess, so here I am again:


I once wrote a super dramatic poem about my now husband. I wrote it before we officially started dating.  Then I entered it into a creativity contest just before we got engaged and won like $100, so that’s pretty cool.  (Heyo…put it towards the dress!!!)



In college, I was the secretary of the African American Student Association.  I know.  I’m not black! lol

(I had to wear white! smh)


I used to let kids cheat off of me in the 6th grade.  You see, I transferred from South Carolina to Florida, and they put me in classes with the kids who didn’t make the honors classes.  I ended up having the highest grade point in every subject that year, and in 7th grade they moved me to the honors classes.  But before they did, I enjoyed a fantastic year of gifts from those who cheated off me: pizza on papa johns day, fake nails, chips, sodas. Hey, had to make friends somehow!

With-chelsea-1999(that’s me in the red sweater…6th grade Lindsey)


hangriness doesn’t begin to describe the struggle when I’m hungry.  Poor Roger.  I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as a child.  But I am not sure that diagnosis stands, one, and two, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not treating people well just because I need to eat.  SO yes.  I confess I haven’t treated my husband very nicely at time of hangriness.  And I’m sorry Roger.  I LOVE YOU!!!!! Promise!

1935966_1209932088348_1121204_n(taken just hours before my first/biggest hanger meltdown…the one where my mom knew something was wrong with me! Fourth grade, yo.)
hangrysign(The sign my old roomie/bestie got me to help me warn my co-workers! lol)


I admit, my husband is better at crafting than I am.  There, I said it.  Though, I’m not ashamed of this fact.  We don’t believe in traditional roles, anyway.  Who says the girl has to be the one good at crafts?!

IMG_7455(that one time Roger made me earrings to go with my Pikachu Halloween costume…see here. Cut those out himself!)
AWP-LR-50(Roger handlettered this for Valentine’s day last year…it’s a book box…I hide treasures in there!)

LindseySignature2 BreakLine



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