The Weekend Report {thanksgiving}


First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The loooong weekend (I got off work at noon on Wednesday) wasn’t conducive to blogging, unfortunately.  Lots of rest, though!


Roger and I roasted our very first Turkey (see here for how we did it)! And it was a delicious culinary adventure!



I prepped some desserts for Thanksgiving, including an apple bread (from a kid’s school fundraiser that I baked), and some made-from-scratch cookies that were good, but ended up more like chocolate chip bread! Any tips on future batches would be great!



I also brought some decorations for the Thanksgiving shindig.  Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

FlowerArrangementAlso, I may have made 20 pounds of mashed potatoes for only 8 total dinner guests.  Whoops! I’ll let you imagine this since I seemed to have forgotten to snap a photo!


I designed my own Christmas cards and they came in Tuesday, so I spent some time on Black Friday addressing them! Can’t wait to get them out!


Side note, if you like the wreath on my card, I made a similar one as a free printable! Click here, or on the following picture to download.



Christmas has come to our home! YAY!!!


(from the car to the house!)

house Treebeforeafter

(the tree in its new home–before and after!)


(my fav Walmart purchase, possibly ever! In stores now!)
landrornament(Handmade ornament from someone at my parent’s church! So lovely)


I got the opportunity to take some family portraits for a GORGEOUS family this weekend! I’m still new at photography.  Took a class in college, but got more into the developing aspect from film to print than I did in the artistic nature of photography.  But it has been cool in recent weeks to get back into it.  I don’t really want to do it professionally by any means, but it has been a fun outlet! And I loooove editing the pics.  Is that weird?


LindseySignature2 BreakLine



6 thoughts on “The Weekend Report {thanksgiving}

    1. Hey Paige! I actually made the mason jars. Gold spray paint, glue and glitter! My husband is good at straight lines, and he painted the glue on with one of those foam brushes! They were a leftover wedding decoration! I got mine printed from a place called They turn it around in about 5 business days. So I ordered on Sunday and was delivered the not the following Wednesday, but the Wednesday after that. A week and a half. Not bad! Pricing is pretty good, I’ve found. But listen, I sort of love making them, so if you want, I can make them for you! I really don’t mind. Send me a pic you want, and an example or two of what you want, and I can totally make it…FREE! lol. Idk…I just like doing it. lindseygalabeas(at)gmail(dot)com. Ya know…if you want. No pressure…lol. I can even make them 4×6 so all you have to do is get them printed at like Walgreens for like $0.12 per print (or whatever their price is)


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