Wednesday Confessions


Even though I had a beautiful wedding, and am very happy wedding planning is over, I still absolutely gush over Style Me Pretty and The Wedding Chicks posts.  Every time.  So gorgeous!

(a Style Me Pretty vintage wedding inspiration shoot)
(a bouquet shot from my wedding…couldn’t resist sharing. Even pinned it! lol)


I may have an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu.  To be fair, I never watched it as a kid.  I was a little old for it when it came out, I think (my little sis was obsessed in elementary school).  My husband (14 months younger than me, and two years behind me in school) loved it and we netflixed that mug in the weeks following our wedding.  So I’ve seen MANY episodes now.  And I love Pikachu and say “pika pika” all the time.

pikachu_lindsey_roger(Roger and I for Halloween.  Roger made the costumes, might I add!) 


I really don’t see the problem with consuming raw egg as long as it’s in chocolate chip cookie dough.  Because let’s be serious, that is the nectar of the gods.  Little g, gods.  I know there’s only one God and He doesn’t eat cookie dough…or does He? Hmmm. And also, I once ate a large tub of cookie dough from Sam’s in one week.  By myself.


I confess, we may have already bought the xbox one I spoke of yesterday (see here).  Well Roger bought it! But it no longer counts as a Christmas gift.  Roger pawned some old jewelry of his that he never wore a few weeks ago.  He used that money as capitol to buy more cheap gold jewelry on eBay, and then he sold that gold for a profit, and used the money to buy the xbox.  That man is a genius.  I’m too lazy for all that (another confession, I think! lol)


I am way too obsessed with this buzzfeed article on symmetrical faces.  Just saying! It’s interesting how some faces are already so close to being symmetrical, while other faces look plain WEIRD when symmetrical.  Makes me glad for my crooked nose and smile! (I don’t wanna look weird!)

(“left” symmetrical Channing Tatum…wait til you see the “right” side! lol)

LindseySignature2 BreakLine



11 thoughts on “Wednesday Confessions

    1. I know, right?! Roger really was determined! And thanks! The turkey came out good so that’s a huge relief! Enjoy your many firsts thanksgiving. First as an aunt and first as a wife. Soak it allll in! Such precious memories!!! Love you too!


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