The weekend report {Babies & Besties}

{Scroll to the bottom for a FREE nursery printable!}

Welcome to this edition of The Weekend Report.

I’m your host Lindsey Galabeas.

Wow.  still weird that I have a new last name…is it bad that sometimes I forget and say my old last name on accident? Whoops!

So, this weekend was amazing.  Rogerio (what my dad calls him) and I drove 10 hours (total–roundtrip) to Tallahassee this weekend for an amazing 24 hours with my best friend from high school.


(What roadtrip is complete without a selflie or two?)


(the ever lovely mommy-to-be, Amanda!)

SHE IS HAVING A BABY!!!! And it’s all so exciting! Can’t wait to meet little Sofia Katherine! So.  Anyway, we drove down from Atlanta after work to spend some time with my bestie and her hubby and to attend a baby shower for Amanda.  It was a lovely affair with cute decorations, and some amazing gifts for my lovely friend and her soon-to-be.

IMG_7890_web IMG_7887_web


(ps, coolest cake pops ever! AND they tasted good! From MollyePops—they ship!!!)


(totally made these with Amanda…FROM SCRATCH!!!)


(Happy to find this bag from Homegoods…I wanted something Amanda could reuse!)

Roger and I LOVE hanging out with Amanda and her husband, Louie.  They are some of the most genuine (almost typed genuinest…haha) people you will ever meet.  They are so warm, loving, and hospitable, and I always eat well when I go to visit (not that that’s important or anything…#fatkid)!

Roger had some bro time which I didn’t realize that he desperately misses here in Atlanta.  So it was cool that he got to hang out with the guys (aka Amanda’s husband and his best friend).  And also we may or may not have added an xbox one to the holiday list.  I am a little weary of this as I fear how it might affect our time together, but I think it could be a good thing.  I can blog while he plays, and you better believe I will want to play some games with him! (Not a gamer at all, but it seems like fun…I’d give it a go!)

Loved our short but so sweet time in Tally, and can’t wait to visit again!

And a little gifty for you all…I designed a little nursery print for Sofia’s new room.  Just a little something that goes with the theme of their nursery.  Here it is:


(Click HERE for a hi-res download…FREE PRINTABLE!!!)

How was your weekend?

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