The Proposal, Part 1


After our extensive 6 part courtship series (haha, sorry about that!), I thought it best not to delay too long in giving you the skinny on the proposal!


We got engaged in March 2014, but I knew he bought the ring on Thanksgiving 2013.  Boy can’t keep a secret, and he told me the following Monday that he found a good deal on a ring he thought I would love and went ahead and bought it.  And if you know Roger, you know he cannot pass up a deal.  I guess in his mind, he knew he wanted to marry me and he had the money, so why not?!

Well, this of course tortured me for months.  What did it look like?! When would he ask?! Would I like the ring? Was I even ready to be married?

On the ring itself: It’s gorgeous! My man did a great job–he’s got good taste for sure (I mean, obvs, he married me…lol).  But one thing that helped calm me down my “what if I don’t like the ring” worries was my ever-wise roommate at the time who reminded me it wasn’t the ring that mattered, but the person giving it to me.  I would love the ring because it was from him.  And I did.

Now.  To the proposal story…or at least the background for it:

Roger lived in Texas at the time.  But he was going on a weekend trip to Tampa, FL in March for work.  My sister lives in Tampa, and it’s only a 7 hour drive from Atlanta.  I figured I could go down for the weekend and stay with her and get to see my man while he was in driving distance.

IMG_4179(another pic from the Valentine’s Day visit)

This was only a few weeks after my wonderful Valentine’s Day visit to meet his parents in San Antonio.  I realized on that trip that I was ready to marry him, and so flash-forward a few weeks to his Tampa visit in March, I was really hoping and believed he would ask me to marry him during that weekend visit.

My parents would also be in Tampa that weekend.  Which is unusual because they don’t live in Tampa, but were flying in that same Friday night after having just spent two weeks in Italy.  My wheels started turning, and I believed with all of those perfect coincidences, Roger would propose that weekend.  (As you can tell, I always try to figure out surprises!)

And then this happened.


(my fav part about this text has to be the random lunchbox emoji! lol)

And even though it may seem like I hate surprises, I don’t.  I just like to figure them out myself like a sneaky detective.  So of course, I was a little taken aback that my mom told me! But not mad…lol

Up next, the actual proposal weekend!



5 thoughts on “The Proposal, Part 1

  1. I can’t believe your mom told you! Cory would have been so mad if my mom spilled the beans! I’m like you though, I like surprises but I almost always figure them out.

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