A few of my favorite things !

Ok, really just a few things that I’d like to have, is all…not that I need anything, trust me! lola few of my fav things
(a few of my fav things by lindsey-fleeman-galabeas featuring miniature ornaments)

Well hello there! Doing my first “fav things” post in hopes to share what I want for Christmas! The Gold Curtains are a pipe dream, at least at Crate and Barrel’s $90 a panel price, but never fear.  I WILL be making some just like that for my living room! Can’t wait to get crafting with some white sheets, metallic paint, and painters tape!
If anyone needed this info to get me a gift for say, Secret Santa, just know, I like any candles for the home! Nothing too, too strong, but definitely something that makes a home feel warm.  Bright Christmas ornaments would be nice for mine and Roger’s first tree. But what I’d really like is a mug with my new last initial! It’s Mrs. G now, and since I have a coffee station at home, I’d love to display it there.  Target has a nice version out this season that I adore (though, obvs in “G”)!
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.36.40 PM
I believe my sis is hooking me up with the adorable travel calendar!
The truth is, though, I’m finding my Christmas wish list to be very short this season.  Just getting married, we have more things than we’ll ever need.  So many friends and family members blessed us tremendously with beautiful gifts for our home! (Don’t worry friends, still working on those thank you cards! You’ll get yours soon!!!)
I guess I feel tremendously blessed! So even if I don’t get one of these things, it’ll be a good Christmas!
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