The Courtship: Meet the Galabeasts (Part 6)


The following month (February), I flew back to Texas to meet his parents.  We knew we didn’t want to wait long for me to meet them.  It wasn’t fair.

I flew to his city first, getting to work alongside him for a few days before he could take vacation.  We had a blast, and it was good to see his coworkers again!


(At an event for his work the night before we hit the road for San Antonio)

We started our roadtrip after 2 days to San Antonio to meet his parents.  We had such a good time on the trip that I forgot to be nervous. That is, until we drove up to his parents house, and I had somehow discovered the function to swallow had eluded me.

I was so nervous! I had heard so much about them.  But what if they didn’t like me?!

My fears were put to rest within a few minutes of walking through their front door.  They made me feel so at ease. I loved being at their home.


My visit to San Antonio was filled with amazing homemade meals (both of them can COOK!!!!), a trip to the River Walk and the Alamo, hours of talking, and we were even joined by the rest of Roger’s family (his sister and brother-in-law and their two children).


I had the most wonderful time.  Plus, I was in San Antonio over Valentine’s day.  And Roger was my first boyfriend…so ya know…it was special!

He took me out to a lovely Italian restaurant on San Antonio’s River Walk, and gave me a beautiful necklace to match the ring and earrings he had given me at Christmas.


Being with his family made me realize how much I loved Roger, and how much I’d really like to become his wife!

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure if I was ready and left the ring at home.  I was only slightly disappointed.  But I knew it would happen when the time was right.

Next up: The proposal.

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