The Courtship: Meet the Parents (Part 5)


Three months after my first visit and saying yes to being his girlfriend, it was time for Roger to meet my parents.

BIGGEST STEP EVER! Not only had I never been anyone’s girlfriend before, but no one in my family had EVER brought someone home.  Our family was about to change big time, and even though I made it seem like a natural next step (and it was), the bigness of it was not lost on me.

First things first, we made signs for Roger for when we picked him up from the airport.  My brother’s read “Welcome, Fluffly!” (because he resembles the comedian by that name). Mine said:



(Oh ya know…had to straighten my hurz for the occasion. Then me and my momma posed while we waited for my bro to get his butt in the car!–PS we look alike!) 

My mom, brother and myself met Roger at the airport (sans my sister who was peacefully sleeping), and we drove to meet my dad for lunch.  During lunch, my brother and I accidentally went to the bathroom at the same time, leaving poor Roger to face my parents all by his lonesome.  Woops!


Apparently all good things were said. Hopefully.

Roger had brought presents for my family and myself, and my family and me had presents to give him, so that evening, we all exchanged our gifts.


 (Roger got everyone in my fam a gift, even my little sis.  And I got Roger some headphones he had been wanting.)

It was like heaven–home cooked meals, a trip to see “Saving Mr. Banks” in theaters–quality time spent with the family in every way!

They loved him because: well one,  he’s awesome, but also because they saw how much he cared and loved me.  From his Christmas gifts to me, to the way he spoke to me, and the affection he showed me. My parents could see our love was mutual.

I had planned to leave the parents after a few days so we could make the journey back to Atlanta.  I wanted him to meet my friends and see me in my natural habitat so he could know me better.

We started our road trip from Southwest Florida to the ATL making a pit stop for lunch in Gainesville, FL to meet his best friend from High School.  And then going a little out of the way to Tallahassee so Roger could meet my best friend from High School . We were gonna hit it all!


His visit in Atlanta was short but sweet, and I enjoyed every bit of it!

BUT I had another freak out.  As you can now guess, I’m a bit of commitment phob.  I knew he had an engagement ring.  He had purchased it over Thanksgiving.  The question was when he would propose.

And I started getting scared.  Marriage is a big commitment.  We would talk about it and one day I couldn’t wait to be married, and the next I was scared out of my mind.  Again…fickle.

He kissed me once that weekend and I didn’t feel the butterflies anymore.  For the first time.  And I had a meltdown.  What did that mean? Were we destined for failure after all? Wasn’t I supposed to feel those butterflies for an eternity? Was I over it, or was I just too concerned with my commitment issues that I couldn’t enjoy the kiss?!

By the end of the visit, I told him we needed to cool the marriage talk.  I wasn’t ready.  It was all happening too fast.

We were still together by the end of the visit! DUH! But we parted both a little unsure of the future.

Up next: Meeting his parents!

favpicroger_janvisit(one of my favs from the visit!)

LindseySignature2 BreakLine


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