The Courtship: Facebook Chronicles (Part 2)

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I didn’t even know his name.

But he had my curiosity, nonetheless, and so I went facebook hunting for him.
Yes, it was a hunt!

I didn’t have much to work with, but something about him led me to believe that he was from Texas.  It’s a Salvation Army thing…small world, ya know. So I knew that if I had no idea of who he was, he must be from a state where I knew the least amount of people…haha.

ANYWAY….I found him on facebook looking like a lady killer with this profile pic.



I was like, “Ok….guess he thinks he’s a thug….” He certainly didn’t seem funny, which was an endearing quality to me.  I was momentarily saddened.  Until I saw this profile pic:


I friended him, AND THEN HE TOOK A WHOLE DAY TO ACCEPT IT!!!! What?!! Maybe he wasn’t that interested in me after all!

I was waiting and waiting to see that he accepted my friend request. Then suddenly, on the following day, he sent me a message on FB!


To which I replied:


Which of course, I felt was the right blend of friendly, with a hint of “I’m interested,” without trying to sound over zealous.  I may not have pulled all that off, but it was worth a try.

Then he took like THREE HOURS to respond! I was starting to get nervous…did I come off too eager, after all?! Did I sound desperate? Was he not interested? Was I being rejected?! Where would this go?!?!?!?

As I came to find out later (a whole four days later), he was carefully formulating his response so he didn’t come off too eager, either.

We kept on talking back and forth on facebook.  Asking each other questions.  Learning likes and dislikes.  Pet peeves and fears.  Most embarrassing moments and past relationships.  This went on from about Tuesday through Saturday when finally I gave him my number.

(This is a pic I posted on instagram the day I gave Roger my number.  I was just soaking in the sun…which clearly I needed!  Miss that pool!)

I was waiting for him to ask for it…my Southern girl training from Georgia.  But then the impatient-non-southern-belle came out of me.  I knew he was going out of town that day, and I knew talking via FB would be impossible.  So I thought maybe we could transition to either texting or talking on the phone, even.  I wasn’t even sure if I was ready for that step.  I was so nervous about the thought of it, but was also excited by the possibility.

We texted some that day (once he was safely at his destination, of course).  And then that evening as he was driving back to where he lived, he called me.  I was so nervous I could barely swallow.  It was like 11 o’clock at night, already.  But I wanted to hear his voice, and to see if there was a future with the interesting guy who intrigued me in person and on facebook. The fact that I was still interested in knowing him more was a good sign!

We stayed up for 3 hours talking that first evening.  And I went to bed that night alight with all the possibility of what he and I could be.

Next post: the break up.

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