The Courtship: How we met (Part 1)

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{A question my husband and I have been asked a lot from the beginning is: How did we meet.  So I’ve devised a 6 part (I know…but they’re manageable installments) series on our Courtship.  How we met, how things progressed, leading up to an entry: The Proposal. }

RojelioPic1…my husband and the love of my life. How did it all start, you ask?

Where to begin.  He was one of those people that really blindsided me.  I had no idea he was coming, or what hit me once I met him.  My life was a certain way one day, and less than a year-and-a-half later, it was completely different.

We met while I was working at a conference for The Salvation Army.  Roger and I both work for the wonderful organization, and he was there playing in one of their famous brass bands ( maybe they’re only famous to us…lol).  He lamely found a way to introduce himself to me during the conference,  and I took the bate.


I had a short, really crazy relationship that ended two months before I met Roger…which was coincidentally as long as that pervious relationship lasted.  I was pretty burned by the whole experience, and didn’t want to even think about dating.  A few guys had approached me in the interim…which was a new place to be.  I wasn’t the girl guys were coming out of the woodwork for.  But the thing about these guys were–I either wasn’t interested.  Period.  OR they were cowards in the way they approached me.

Roger was different.  He was sweet and funny.  I could tell that straight away. And most importantly…he was forward about his regard for me.  Go Roger! He knew what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to go for it:

RojelioPic2On the second day of the conference, he tried to sell me a brass band CD (no thanks), and at some point during the sales bid, he said he would let me have the CD for free because of my beautiful smile.  Actually, he said “free ninety-nine.”

I know, I know. So lame! BUT I later found out that the only reason he was selling CD’s for his band was for the chance to talk to me.

At the time, I was so flattered.  And when he walked away, I turned to my sister who happened to be acting as my assistant through the duration of the conference and asked, “Who was that guy?” I  was beyond curious!

My duties for the conference were so tiring that I didn’t have time to think about the encounter again.  But then, I saw him do something astonishing.

Without regard for whether or not I was watching, Roger stood up on the conference stage during a time of commitment.  By this act, he was saying to the whole auditorium that he was open to doing whatever God has in store for his life.

I know it’s weird.  But I loved seeing a man be so serious about his commitment to God.   I may get lost along the way, but it is my sincere desire to be where God wants me to be, and to do what He wants me to do.  To see a guy publicly making that statement was refreshing.  My first thought was, “Oh, that’s the guy who thinks I have a beautiful smile!” And then I had a deeply emotional reaction to it all.  I wanted to know him more!

And that’s all you get for this post.  That’s how Roger gained my curiosity.  Stay tuned to how Roger captured my attention!




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