The first entry!


And consequently the first pinterest post.  Basically I love the feeling after making something myself.  I’m not what anyone would consider a homemaker by any means.  But I like being crafty and learning to cook new things…hence my obsession with pinterest.

Fun fact: Didn’t actually want a pinterest account. Remember when it first came out and you had to be invited (wait…is that still a thing?).  I don’t know…seemed bougie.  Everyone seemed obsessed with pinning all the time.  And I was all like, “I’m unproductive enough as it is!” #thestruggle

But I caved one day and actually got one.  Almost 7,000 pins later, here we are. Officially obsessed.

So.  For my first post, I’ll be tackling this amazing looking dish:

PotatoCasserole1I am a very visual person.  So when I saw this post I thought, “Awesome! Potatoes, cheese, bacon, chicken…how could that go wrong?! I love all these things!!!” Exceeeeept…my brain somehow didn’t completely process the ingredients on the shopping trip.  Paprika and hot sauce were among said ingredients.  I’ve used paprika before in cooking, but didn’t really notice how much the recipe called for.  I was in producer mode…I had a list and wanted to get in and out of that grocery store as fast as possible.

So imagine my surprise when I started making the meal.  “Dang, this thing is gonna be HOT!” Oh my.  As I was dumping, I decided to start modifying the original recipe.


1) I did NOT use the hot sauce.  I did NOT have time to be groping around for water after every bite.  6 TABLESPOONS OF HOT SAUCE?! Oh no…ain’t nobody got time for that.

2) Girl (or boy…) I did NOT read the instructions before I started going.  They wanted me to chop the potatoes, season, and THEN bake for 45 MINUTES!!!!! No.  I had company, and wanted to finish pronto.  {Helpful modification:} Potatoes went into a microwaveable dish (we have a huge, old microwave), and we nuked those suckers first for 5 minutes, stirred, and then kept microwaving in 2 minute increments (stirring in between) until the potatoes were tender. 45 minutes were instantly cut to 10.  Hallelujah!

3) I don’t know about y’all, but I am about quick and easy.  I used the bacon bits that come in a bag.  Good decision.  I didn’t want to be cleaning a bacon pan with the rest of the dishes (your homegirl does NOT have a dishwasher…it’s called my left and right hands…or Roger’s! lol)


4)  This isn’t a modification so much as a regret… The recipe calls for you to heat the over to 500 degrees.  500 DEGREES!!!! That is soooo hot! Nearly melted my face off.  Plus, it ended up burning many of my green onions to crisps! I will modify to 450 for 20 minutes in the future and see how that goes!

The result of this meal was absolutely fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong…the potatoes definitely had a kick.  But it was manageable, and lent a lot to the overall flavor.  The hotness of the oven added to the crispiness of the bacon on top, and I thought that was a good texture.

My carb loving household will be making this recipe again!




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